1.9.0 Update is now in beta!

1.9.0 Update is now in beta and ready for testing with a new power-up, cannons, and block spawner changes! There is a lot more to come!

Hello Everyone, 1.9.0 is here, but not fully yet. I’m still working on some background changes to make the game more fun and exciting. So I will be rolling this out in parts to make sure the game stays stable and works correctly. There is no changelog for this update, as I will be posting them after the update is fully complete and ready for release, but if you would like to play the beta version, Do the steps as follows:

First Head over to your Steam library, find Blockrunner, and click on it. Next, find the cog icon shown in this image.

On the left-hand side, find the beta button and click it. You will want to change where it says beta participation from none to beta, and then close the window.

The game starts updating after that. [Note: If you want to change back, just change the beta option from beta to none.]

That’s all for now. I will have an update very soon on the next part of this update!