BlockRunner Patch 2.1

ChangeLog +Added a few more edge cases to the block spawn system.+Added an “About” button to the player screen.+Added 3 new levels to level select (NEW BOSS COMING SOON).-Fixed an issue where black bars would not open when failing or finishing (should be fixed now).-Endless Easy and Gramma mode will no longer have speed-ups or BlockRunner Patch 2.1

BlockRunner : The BlockSide Version 2.0 Beta is now open for testing!!!

Hey, it’s been a while! after 3 or so months of work and some procrastinating, the new 2.0 Beta is now open for testing! (Discord Server will be Coming very soon) You can play this beta by Following these steps on the steam post! {Please backup your save before doing this}

BlockRunner 1.9.4 is now out!

Hello everyone! It’s been a little while since my last post, and I wanted to give you an update on Blockrunner. I’ve been working on it intermittently, but I’ve been grappling with burnout over the past three months, impacting both the update schedule and my regular posts. I’ve dedicated nearly two years to the same BlockRunner 1.9.4 is now out!

BlockRunner Update 1.9.2 Hotfix

Hi, It’s been a while well… I have been busy with life. Sorry about that but I’m back now! So here is a little update to fix some bugs. More updates coming very soon as I am working to get more advanced bosses into BlockRunner with a new boss system! ChangeLog That’s all I have BlockRunner Update 1.9.2 Hotfix

BlockRunner Update 1.9.1 Now Out!

Hi everyone! This update has been in the works for a bit and brings a lot of change to levels, dungeons, and endless mode. ChangeLog 1.9.1 Changes Updated Level selects Updated Dungeon screen That’s all for this update. this was very stressful to work since all the bugs were found right after I related 1.8.5. BlockRunner Update 1.9.1 Now Out!