BlockRunner 1.9.4 is now out!

Hello everyone! It’s been a little while since my last post, and I wanted to give you an update on Blockrunner. I’ve been working on it intermittently, but I’ve been grappling with burnout over the past three months, impacting both the update schedule and my regular posts.

I’ve dedicated nearly two years to the same project, and progress has been slower than I’d like. One of the challenges I’ve faced is the difficulty in implementing bosses, especially since I lack artistic skills, and my budget is too limited to hire someone.

Despite these challenges, I have a small update to share that addresses a few issues. As a side note, I’ve completely rewritten the upgrade and music system. If you’re currently playing on version 1.9.3, please be aware that your upgrades will be lost due to significant changes in how they are stored and loaded with the new system. Nevertheless, I hope you find enjoyment in the update!


  • Rewrote upgrade system!
  • Rewrote Music Controller!
  • The main menu music now Starts on the intro
  • Added Upgrade for player dashing time
  • Added new sound FX to Boomer Boss and Narcell Boss
  • Levels will now show Block speed, Blocks, and level speed in the level select
  • Dungeons now have their own music
  • Improved UI for level selection
  • Improved Color selection
  • Fixed Meny Bug and improved game performance/Save system!

That is all for now! Enjoy the update!

See Game Page!