BlockRunner Update 1.9.2 Hotfix

Hi, It’s been a while well… I have been busy with life. Sorry about that but I’m back now! So here is a little update to fix some bugs. More updates coming very soon as I am working to get more advanced bosses into BlockRunner with a new boss system!


  • [Added] Started Programming for the new boss system. [Bosses will be able to perform more advanced attacks on the player]
  • [Added] New style for Exp bar in the player menu
  • [Added] Added Skip button to game intro
  • [Changed] The Game version will now only show in the settings menu
  • [Fixed] Button not correctly being disabled in-game.
  • [Fixed] Boss rockets killing instantly. (not 100% fixed as I will need to redo the rockets)
  • [Fixed] Boss start title sometimes not correctly displaying.
  • [Fixed] Boss-level data not loading on the first attempt.
  • Other minor bug fixes and improvements

That’s all I have for this little hotfix sorry it took so long. I promise I will release this game at some point!

Thanks for supporting the game and I will see you very soon!