BlockRunner Update 1.9.1 Now Out!

Hi everyone! This update has been in the works for a bit and brings a lot of change to levels, dungeons, and endless mode.


  • [Added] – Added Attempts to levels and dungeons (This will not count attempts done before this update)
  • [Added] – New animation when getting a perfect run on a level
  • [Added] – Locked button can now give tips on how to unlock them
  • [Added] – One new dungeon boss
  • [Added] – Dungeons screen can now show the multiplier for that boss
  • [Added] – Psychopath Difficulty to endless (This is not unlocked right away. its a secret Difficulty)
  • [Changed] – Buttons for endless mode select screen now save what button you selected after exiting the menu.
  • [Added] – 4 new levels (Boss coming soon)
  • [Changed] – Perfect runs are now displayed as stars above the level button ⭐
  • [Changed] – Dungeons screen now has button icons and will display the boss name
  • [Changed] – Game font now uses SDF for smoother fonts when scaling.
  • [Removed] – Debug button in settings
  • [Fixed] – All game modes are unlocked as soon as you start the game.
  • [Fixed] – Dungeon keys are not saved properly and will not be saved when used
  • [Fixed] – Endless Block spawner will sometimes crash the game when trying to spawn a Hart
  • [Fixed] – Reload upgrade is not taking coins away from the player and will max out on the first click of the upgrade.
  • [Fixed] – Finishing a dungeon in some situations will crash the game.
  • [Fixed] – The dungeon finish screen does not display the current player level.
  • [Fixed] The Player health will reset to 25 after relaunching the game and will show as “maxed” upgrade on the player upgrade screen.
  • [Fixed] Bomb power-up does not display the effect correctly.
  • and more small changes and improvements not worth listing…

1.9.1 Changes

  • [Added] You can now reload your gun with “R” when fighting instead of auto-reload
  • [Added] Effect for the player getting hurt and dying.
  • [Changed] Max Hp is now 200
  • [Fixed] Music not restarting after restarting a game.
  • [Fixed] Player gun getting stuck on “Reloading…”

Updated Level selects

Updated Dungeon screen

That’s all for this update. this was very stressful to work since all the bugs were found right after I related 1.8.5. I had to speed it up a little because some the these were on the level of game-breaking.

Thank you!