BlockRunner : The BlockSide Version 2.0 Now Out!

Hey everyone, This update has been in the works for a while, after 4 long months of work and some procrastinating, the new 2.0 is now out! This update aims at many known issues, improves the existing systems, and adds some new stuff!

(Discord Server is in the works)’


  • Player Movement:
    • The player now has acceleration and deceleration-based movement, resulting in overall smoother movement.
  • Button System:
    • Redone button system code. New buttons are now easier to add with or without icons. (All buttons can now have icons.)
  • Level/Endless Block Spawning System:
    • New block spawning system that can take a list of blocks and spawn them based on weight, allowing for better levels and more diverse obstacles.
  • New Features:
    • Added “BugReport” button, available on the menu screen.
    • Orb Collect mini-game now has a how-to-play prompt before starting.
    • Added the ability to shoot in the orb mini-game.
    • Added ammo drop to the orb mini-game.
  • Boss Improvements:
    • Added more edge cases to the Spiker Boss.
    • Slowed down block spawning for both Narcell Bosses.
    • Fixed Boomer not properly resetting state after every attack.
    • Fixed Spike Boss not properly resetting state after every attack.
    • Fixed some Boomer Boss attacks not executing correctly.
    • Fixed Spike Boss not attacking on time.
    • Fixed Spike Boss freezing during battle.
    • Spike now moves more dynamically while fighting.
    • Block Spider has been redone and cleaned up.
  • UI and Visuals:
    • Added background glow to the game background.
    • The player level bar now disappears when the max level is reached.
    • Cleaned up info box prompts. The box will now resize depending on the text.
    • Cleaned up pause menu code. It should now be more responsive.
    • Fixed an issue where the info box would get stuck on the screen when cycling through messages.
  • General Fixes:
    • Fixed levels spawning blocks on top of each other; all spawners now check for this.
    • Other minor bug fixes, improvements, and clean-ups
  • Silent Update:
    • -Added a few more Edge Cases to the block spawn system
    • -Added an about button the player screen
    • -Fixed in some cases black bars would not open when failing or finishing(*Should be fixed now)
    • -Endless Easy and Gramma mode will no longer have speed-ups or challenge blocks

That’s all for now, I have more updates coming very soon for the current state of the game and future updates!