BlockRunner : The BlockSide Version 2.0 Beta is now open for testing!!!

Hey, it’s been a while! after 3 or so months of work and some procrastinating, the new 2.0 Beta is now open for testing! (Discord Server will be Coming very soon)

  • Player now has acceleration and deceleration based movement(and an overall smoother player movement)
  • Redone system button code, New buttons are now way easier to add with or without icons! (All buttons can now have icons)
  • New Level/Endless BlockSpawning system, Spawner can now take a list of blocks and based on a weight will spawn said block. (This gives a lot more room for better levels and more obstacles)
  • Added ReportBug Button can now be found on the menu screen
  • Ord collect mini-game now has a how-to-play prompt before starting the game
  • Added ability to Shoot in orb mini-game!
  • Added ammo drop to Ord mini-game
  • Added more edge cases to Spike Boss
  • The player level bar will now disappear when max level
  • Slowed down block spawning for both Narcell Bosses
  • Fixed Boomer not properly resetting state after every attack
  • Fixed Spike Boss not properly resetting state after every attack
  • Fixed Some Boomer Boss attacks not executing correctly
  • Fixed Spike Boss Not attacking on time
  • Fixed Spike Boss freezing during battle
  • Spike now moves a lot more while fighting
  • Block Spider has been redone and cleaned up
  • and other minor bug fixes, improvements, and clean-ups have been made!

You can play this beta by Following these steps on the steam post! {Please backup your save before doing this}