Missing Weekly Update for blockrunner/Website Update.

Missing Weekly Update

Hello, Weekly update was postponed for last week Friday as I am working on a big Blockrunner update 1.9.0 will be coming out sometime this month. Just need a little more time to solve some problems with some game mechanics, and bugs as some old systems will be redone on the backend as well as adding some new stuff.

Website Update – Delayed Post

Note: Sone pages broke after update was put out. if you are having problems with the site not loading correctly please clear your browser cache [How do I do this?]

  • Main site page Announcement Feed will now with the blog.
  • Website main page is now one big card.
  • Background is now colored and can now be a background
  • All pages have been updated with new buttons and improved some page layouts.

Thats all for now!