BlockRunner update 1.8.4 to 1.8.5 Changelog

Changelog from 1.8.5 to 1.8.4

+The game now has a custom mouse
+Added one new skin
+Added Death message.
+Updated How to play level.
+Skin and upgrade selectors have been redone.
+Added Game infobox/tip system(All bosses will now use this system and skin/upgrade system)
+Added extra checks when loading saves(This is to prevent the game from crashing)
-Rewrote the color selector(Some skin no longer can change colors)
+Added extra checks when upgrading to ensure the player can’t exceed max updates. (if the save file is deleted.)
+Atk times have been changed for all bosses
-Fixes an issue where some bosses would take too long to think and would spam the same attack(This should minimize the thinking time of some bosses)
-Fixes an issue where skins would not apply after quitting the game.
-Fixed an issue where player colors would not apply after quitting the game.
-Fixed an issue where the user would have to enter the player menu to reapply skins and colors after quitting. (These are now applied when opening the game)
-Fixed an issue where Upgrades would be wiped after the game crashes (Update data is now stored separately from the button data)
-and some other minor fixes and improvements

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